Consent Culture

Consent Culture explores ‘consent’ – what it means, how we navigate it and how we can develop a culture of consent.

From September 2018 until early 2019, we hosted a series of Consent Conversations, in and around our home-base in Bradford, Yorkshire and further afield around England (and beyond), with groups and individuals who have a specific interest in consent, including: women’s groups, survivors of abuse, LGBTQ+ groups, people who have breached other people’s consent, kink/BDSM communities, sex workers, parents, educators, social workers and more… We also had conversations with our peers and colleagues in the arts and other sectors about modelling ‘consent culture’ in our groups, companies, organisations and fields of interest.

This work continues with us looking for partnerships and building momentum around the idea of #IDOConsent on 30th November annually, an International Day of Consent.  We will be hosting a Festival of Consent on 30/11/19 – details coming soon.  A dedicated website for Consent Culture, with resources and information is HERE.

If you are interested in exploring consent, hosting a consent conversation, receiving some consent training or collaborating on #IDOConsent, please contact us – email

And because the personal is political, ‘Love Off Script’ is a website where you can read blogs from Irregular Arts’ Director, Jenny Wilson, on consent and radical approaches to personal relationships – you can find that here