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I’m just back from Montpellier, France, and my first (hopefully not last) IETM. IETM originally stood for Informal European Theatre Meeting. – it is now the ‘international network for contemporary performing arts’, which better reflects its membership and purpose. I’d heard of IETM over the years – it was a place that artists went and […]

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Come along and meet ‘Jenn De Fuch’ and friends in the foyer of West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds at the late night live art bistro, after the cabaret show by Scottee and friends, 10.30pm onwards on Sat 29th March. We’ve got badges. We’ll also be popping up at Chol Theatre’s Coffee House Nights at Queenies, next […]

Phentermine 37 5Mg Online I’ve started this tumblr blog to record some images for An Odd Occasion. Some are photos I’ve snapped when I’ve noticed gendered behaviours or things eg the different ways things are sold to male/female consumers. Some are screenshots from my Facebook stream – this is the marketing & messages I’m bombarded with daily.

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Thanks, everyone, for your input so far on this. Nobody, so far, has disagreed with my premise that the variety and diversity of words loaded with gender and aimed at women are far more varied and specific than the vocabulary we have for describing men. With your input the list now reads as follows: spinster […]

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There are so many words and phrases used to describe women (and girls). Some of them are intended to be positive, flattering and complementary. Some of them are not. Some have the intention of insult. And some of those are really quite ugly. Some of them are funny – and some of them might have […]