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3 thoughts on “Words for Women

  1. Spinster. I hate it. It’s loaded with presumption/assumption – about heterosexuality, desirability, etc. Like a lot of words, it defines women in relation to men. When I worked with older people my boss frequently used it to describe older women. Grrrr.

    Also, MILF. I’m a big Flickr fan and there’s a group called MILF (Man, I Love Film) which I refuse to partake in because even hijacking the acronym is puerile.

    There’s a brilliant book you should check out – Womanwords by Jane Mills.

  2. Frigid, easy, ho/ whore, bike, phrases like ‘smash her back doors in’ etc

    But also beautiful, pretty etc – none of these are applied to men/boys. It’s like you’re only valid if you are deemed decorative. Working in a secondary I see how makeup is used as an amour /mask by girls to push people out.

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